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Two rapist find each other on the Internet, and mistakenly fall in love.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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We're inside a bar owned by mobster BIG BEN. We see a group of people sitting at a poker table, talking LOUDLY as they play Texas Hold 'Em. They are JIMMY, LAUREN, VERONICA, MARK, WYATT, FRANK, JENNIFER, and Sarah Wilhelm. Everyone is looking at Wyatt and Lauren, who are the only one's left in the round. There is total silence other than the ROCk music in the background.
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Tom and Brian are in a Dodge Durango. Tom is laughing in the passenger seat, while Brian sits there driving with an annoyed demeanor.
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. . . You've always been the bad boy, the rebellious one. I've always been a real push-over, an a bit of a softy. So, understand–
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I didn't get lost, I was kidnapped, damnit!

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