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Quick pitch

Amelie (Or Amy for short), a very monotone teenage girl is stuck in London, no idea what she's doing with her life. When she meets her American best buddy Kamryn on a popular website her cousin introduced her to. When they discover they have similar interests and dreams, they bond immediately. They help each other towards their goals but when Kamryn gets her dream job and Amy is turned down at every audition, will their friendship survive?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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BBCFangirl edited an action in "Scene two" on 08/22/2014. more
AMY turns away from MARCO and pushes her way through the crowd in the living room and into the kitchen, which seems considerably bare compared to the hall and the living room. The only people in there are MARGO (19), KATE (43) and JAKE (6). As soon as AMY enters, MARGO looks up and screams.
BBCFangirl added dialogue in "Scene three" on 06/20/2014. BBCFangirl made 3 other changes. more
What's that?
BBCFangirl added an action in "Scene three" on 06/19/2014. BBCFangirl made 136 other changes. more
AMY nods and smiles.
BBCFangirl added dialogue in "Scene one" on 06/19/2014. BBCFangirl made 9 other changes. more
You're a bad influence.
BBCFangirl added a slugline in "Scene one" on 06/19/2014. BBCFangirl made 4 other changes. more
INT. INT. amy's bedroom

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