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Marina is in search of her boyfriend and her own pass

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blue_eyes added an action in "Scene XXIX" on 05/01/2008. blue_eyes made 8 other changes. more
Gun fire filled the air. A big KABOOM fills the air and a cloud of smoke covers the crowd. Marina, Selena, Emily, and Xavier get away with no harm. They were driving away with exploding items all in the air. Xavier speeds away in the getaway car.
blue_eyes edited an action in "Scene XXVIII" on 05/01/2008. blue_eyes made 20 other changes. more
Marina and Selena were wearing jackets to conceal their weapons. They knew that their was going to be a catch on what the man was going to say next and they would be ready for it. The only probem with that is they didn't know how many men were with him all they saw was two. The man infront of them and the man holding Emily. But in reality their were eight more hiding from them in near by bushes.
babyphatz added an action in "XXVII" on 05/01/2008. babyphatz made 43 other changes. more
Marina and Selena get all the gear together and get ready to leave.
blue_eyes added dialogue in "Scene XXV" on 04/30/2008. blue_eyes made 9 other changes. more
All right joke is over. Come out where ever you are and show yourself.
blue_eyes added an action in "Scene XXV" on 04/30/2008. blue_eyes made 70 other changes. more
Marina doesn't see any one walking or coming close to her so she turns around and walks into the room once agian and closes the door.

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