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Darcy, a young unpopular teenager, plans to commit suicide due to her overbearing and psychopathic mother. Lisa, a young popular teenager, learns of her plans and tries to prevent her from doing so, despite the fact that they are not in the same social circles. In the last climatic scene, Darcy has fled from the scene of the crime where she murdered her mother, who had been trying to convince Darcy to kill herself, and climbed onto the roof of a tall building planning to kill herself by jumping. Lisa joins her on the roof and tries to convince her not to kill herself for the last time. Darcy raises the gun to her head, whereupon Lisa rushes at her and grabs the gun from her hand. In the process however, Darcy loses her balance and falls to her death.

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LISA runs off SR. CHORUS, still quiet, looks around at each other. Then, someone says "Dumbass" in a mocking voice and CHORUS laughs. CHORUS exits.

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