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Thomas steps back with his arms crossed. Melissa puts her arms around his mid section. They stand there for a while, just staring at the photo of Hendrix. Sitting below the photograph on the mantle is an oak box containing his ashes.
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That's the cue for Thomas and Hendrix to enter. They start to sniff out the family room first. Nothing there. A few minutes spent in the kitchen. Nothing but food crumbs that Hendrix doesn't even bother to eat. They proceed down the hallway to the bathroom where Hendrix sniffs everything in and out. They go into the first bedroom expecting to find the stash. It's clean. The last room looks like all the others they've searched. Hendrix's nose rises from the floor and slowly points up toward the ceiling. He sniffs something out, but doesn't bark. Thomas doesn't need him to bark to know something's wrong. Thomas scans above his head but there's just a ceiling light. He flips the switch on the wall, but nothing happens. He turns it back off and grabs a chair. Standing on the chair, he examines the light bulb, and taps it. No hollow sound. Thomas unscrews the bulb and bingo. The entire bulb is filled with white powder. He's back on his feet and runs his hand over the back of Hendrix.
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Officer Lewis radios in a medic. Thomas is still sitting on the ground with Hendrix in his arms just like when he was a pup. Hendrix's eyes are halfway open as if he was about to fall asleep after a day at the park playing frisbee. His breathing is short and quiet. Thomas is rocking him back and forth, trying to keep him comfortable. He thinks about Melissa and how Hendrix will be at home to greet the new addition to the family. Then he stops rocking. The short and quiet breathing is now just quiet.
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How many suspects?
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