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A physicist working on the most ambitious scientific project ever undertaken realises that some doors are best left closed.

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We are under water. The DEEP GROANING and GRATING of the hull is the only sound we hear. Regis has swam inside a hatch in the deck. He emerges from the ship clutching a small artifact in his hand. He struggles to the surface and gasps. The howling wind and rain return.
StuffedCrust edited an action in "Scene 1" on 09/09/2008. StuffedCrust made 19 other changes. more
Regis immediately wades into the water and begins to stride toward the wreck. We can see more of it now. The sea has pushed it further ashore: a large wooden hull, SCRAPING loudly on the rocky bed of the shore. The waves are ferocious; the sea is throwing everything at Regis in an attempt to deter him from reaching this vessel.
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