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DAWN'S SYNDROME is a story of Susan, her daughter Dawn and her husband Tony who decide to leave everything behind and go traveling. They end up in a community in the mountains that, at first, appears to be a paradise but little by little odd events start taking place and soon nothing is as it used to be.

SUSAN BONMARITO, 22, is a young, uneducated mother who never had the change to fully live her youth. She got Dawn when she was only 16 and two years later she married Dawn's father Tony. She has stayed home taking care of her child - who suffers from a slight case of Down's Syndrome. Susan has been so occupied with her role as a mother that she has not been able to even think about life outside the safe home environment. There is, however, a dark side to her family background. Her mother was put in a mental asylum when she was only 15. She has not seen her in seven years. But now, in 2014, she's ready to confront her mother.

Or this is at least the reality in Susan's mind. Who's really in the mental institute and why? That we only know as the story unfolds. Susan's real backstory is that she was raped violently at the age of fifteen by a guy called Tony. She never fully recovered from this traumatic event psychologically. She found out that her grandmother had been schizophrenic and that made her doubt her own sanity. She sought refuge from hard drugs that fucked her up badly. Her single mother, Rebecca, demanded her to get an abortion but failed to convince her daughter who was tripping through the pregnancy. Susan delivered a baby, Dawn, who had a severe case of Down's Syndrome. Rebecca committed a suicide shortly afterwards. Susan couldn't take care of the baby alone. Dawn was taken away from her and she was locked in a mental asylum. She was overdosed with medication that drew her futher into insanity. Soon she couldn't anymore distinguish between dreams and reality. She managed to escape from the asylum and ran into the woods for a week. This is a story of how she imagined her life during that week.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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Behind Carol Dawn walks away from the smoking ruins of the asylum. Her face is carbon black and she still holds a bloody knife but her eyes are clear blue again.
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Crap! Just kidding.... ;)
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