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Two men run a black market business out of the back door of a funeral home. When Carl and Abe receive the chance of a lifetime, things spiral downward at breakneck speed.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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Landscape_Films joined the project! on 09/05/2013. more
godofchaos added an action in "Smith moves the body to the car/Final scenes" on 09/05/2013. godofchaos made 9 other changes. more
We hear the audio of the car hitting the water, and as the water fills the vehicle. Credits roll over this audio until it is finished.
godofchaos edited an action in "Smith moves the body to the car/Final scenes" on 09/04/2013. godofchaos made 44 other changes. more
Smith is carrying the body from the prep room to his car outside. She is wrapped in a pristine white sheet. He carries her through the vestibule, past Carl's body, and Carl's phone is blowing up. The camera tracks Smith through the lobby, and as he walks past, the camera fixes on Carl's phone with many missed calls and texts, all from Abe. It doesn't stop ringing until we cut to the next scene. Smith gets her body outside, and wrestles her into the passenger seat of his car.
godofchaos added an action in "Funeral Home, Day 2" on 09/03/2013. godofchaos made 44 other changes. more
Carl placed the phone back in his pocket after Abe abruptly hung up following the last sentence.
godofchaos edited an action in "Carl's bedroom" on 09/03/2013. godofchaos made 72 other changes. more
Carl is awakened by the ringer on his phone. He reaches to get it from the night stand.

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