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Quick pitch

Nadalyn and Braden are on a date set up by Nadalyn. Braden is blind-folded and Nadalyn is leading him to a select spot in order for him to take the blind-fold off. When she finally has him in the spot she wants him, he can take off his blind-fold, which he does to discover, much to his discomfort, that he is in a cemetery. He freaks out and attempts to escape the date. Se tries to keep him cool and collected so that the date doesn't end in disaster. Finally, when he can't take any more of the cemetery, he puts his foot down to leave. She asks why he doesn't like cemeteries and Braden goes into an explanation that reveals the death of his mother in an auto accident. Nadalyn freaks out as she has a revelation of her own about an auto accident she got into when her sister was texting behind the wheel.

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A small bit of silence follows.
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Nadalyn stops when she sees Braden's face, a face of faint recognition and shock, as if he knows where the story is going.
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Wow. That is creepy shit.

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