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Two long time orphan friends bumble through a far out conceived heist. They decide to rob a post office one week before Christmas. During their long escape, while going through the mail they have stolen Chris comes across a special letter that changes their quest. With a chase for redemption they deliver the mail one letter at a time. Many interesting characters join in on their journey.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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A old man creeps from behind a tree. He has a long grey beard. He is wearing a long jacket with a hood over his head. He has a rifle on his shoulder. He crutches behind a tree and pulls out binouclours. He sights in on the cabin. He pulls out some jerky and begins to wait and watch.
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Ok Max, but this is happening.
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Max and Chris both look at a opened duffel bag in the back seat with a few guns seen
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Max, a mangy poor man in his mid to upper 30's. Scruffy, and perfectly messy. He walks down a suburban sidewalk in 1993. It is a snowy, December Morning. He carry's a grocery bag in one hand. He has a Disc Man attached to his belt and headphones leading up to his snow cap covered head. "The Bees" "Horseman" is heard. He smiles as he notices the happy neighborhood exchanging "Good Mornings" and "Merry Christmas". Max even nods to a women getting her newspaper from her driveway. She is a little shocked by Max. As Max continues on for a while he begins to walk upon a parked car with the trunk up, the doors open and the engine running. Max stops to think for a moment.
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Outside the fellas approach the old shed. It has a lock on it but Chris easily pulls off the wood locking the garage door. Max opens the door. Inside is a

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