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Quick pitch

He was just the clumsy, socially-inept cup lid-er at the local coffee shop/internet hub with a pleasing smile.
She was just the anxious, caffeine-hyped anthropology major at the local university that had a bad habit of constantly being paranoid with knowing the time.
The relationship that would form from one spilt coffee would be anything but "just."

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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hiannemarie edited an action in "Scene II: A Lasp of Time" on 05/18/2014. hiannemarie made 23 other changes. more
4A. All that's already there + a parking ticket, an issued court appearance date, ADAM's business schedule. The Christmas card from 3A is gone.
hiannemarie added an action in "Final Scene: Adam's Departure and Finale" on 04/03/2014. hiannemarie made 3 other changes. more
COFFEE GIRL walks out with a cup of coffee in her hands. We recognize her from the first shot of the film; she's the girl who took the money in the TITLE SCREEN. Still has the same nail polish on, and a concerned frown on her face. She doesn't bother calling for ADAM because she knows him.
hiannemarie edited a slugline in "Opening Scene: The Introduction" on 02/18/2014. more
INT. Intro: Scene opens with just black; sounds from a busy coffee shop are playing: mellow jazz music, talking, laughing, clanging of cups, sound of coffee being poured/slurped, sound of whip cream and the pump. It feels warm and welcoming.
hiannemarie added a shot in "Final Scene: Adam's Departure and Finale" on 12/18/2013. hiannemarie made 11 other changes. more
hiannemarie added an action in "Scene II: A Lasp of Time" on 12/17/2013. hiannemarie made 10 other changes. more

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