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based in the far future when the human race has essentially boiled down to colonies in domes and the savages outside the domes. In this movie a tyrannical leader of a dome steals a baby from the outside world for an unknown purpose. Eventually the child grows up and escapes after seeing his love on the other side of the dome after it has been attacked by the savages. The leader tells the father to retrieve his son with a military unit. While the father is coming closer to the boy a love forms between the boy and his love and he realizes that they aren't savages, he learns of his past, and of t

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Oh my god! David!!
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Matthew turns and follows the rest of the crowd
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When society collapsed we had all but become extinct, I and a select few knew we had to rebuild in some way to ensure that humanity has existed. I haven't always been like this you know. When I started I was kind and nice but the more I tried to help the more I was shut down, so I stopped trying and took control. What I learned is that human are oblivious and will do whatever it takes to get what they want even if that means stepping over very kind well spirited people. I was once generous and kind and what I got for it was pain. People cannot be in control until they realize that they cannot be withoutaccepting that they all need to help each other. I decided to keep them in oblivion until they are able to accept, keep them working and functioning in a society ruled by me so humanity can exist. My price for saving humanity is control over it and I will take full advantage of it.
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the bus drives up onto a track and is pulled inside a large airlock. the sergeant walks over to Hall who hands the sergeant the baby. the large metal door closes behind them and the airlock is shut. In an orderly fashion they all leave the bus and stand in front of another person in a gas mask. the soldiers stand straight as they are anlyzed with future technologies
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