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dehavilland (v.o.)
Day 7. Journal entry 4. Things are... changing. The name Marlborough means something to me for some reason. I'm slowly starting to make sense of my new body. My sensors tell me that I'm smelling a flower. That I'm holding a baby. That my hand is crashing through someone's rib cage. I don't feel bad when I kill people. Did I ever? Did they take that away? I can't remember. I can laugh, or do what sounds like laughing, but I have no lungs, which in itself makes me laugh. I miss her... but I don't know who she is. I have an emotional drive, but no sexual one.. Did they take that too? Why do I still get angry? Why wouldn't they take that? Does anger make me better? I guess it did before, why not now? I end up wanting to cry every night, but nothing happens. So much I don't understand yet everything is so clear. I still crave companionship even though there is nobody else like me. I miss my family. I wonder what happened to them. I can eat and taste food. My nano organs actually make use of the nutrients, but I don't really have an appetite to eat. I crave my aunt Marie's 5-cheese lasagna, although I don't have an aunt Marie, nor have I ever had lasagna. I haven't been myself since I've been executed. I'm sure they could have done without my conscience for this project. I guess they left it to help me still feel... human. With my free will, what's my incentive to be here? Why do I go on? To better protect those that I could not protect before.
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What are you talking about? My wife... uhh... Oh, You're right. I'm not married.
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DR. STONE tinkers with his handheld tablet. The chest area in his suit shifts inward out of view, revealing DEHAVILLAND'S inner chest cavity. A standard skeletal and muscular system are present, with the difference being the "muscle fibers" are blue and glow. His "bones" are a dark blue with a dimmer glow. A power source hums in the middle.
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dr. stone
ROBERT DEHAVILLAND, my name is DR. STONE. Do you have any recollection of what happened to you?
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A TIME LAPSE begins, fixed on the opening shot in the scene, advancing forward three months. The TIME LAPSE slows down back to normal speed at two in the morning. Three audible BEEPS come from GREENSAND'S computer as the figure in the bed sits upright.

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