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Don't look at me.
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Hello mings dry cleaning? this is bella. where the hell is my dry cleaning?
BellaDiMarco edited dialogue in "Bella going to elevator" on 01/09/2014. BellaDiMarco made 14 other changes. more
Bella (CONT'd) (CONT'D)
Ive told you a million times that I needed it by today.
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INT. The elevator is dead silent as there is a dead body lying face up on the floor. The people look around at each other in order to find out who did the murder. The lights flicker a bit. They continue to look around for a while. One of the men bends down and closes the mans eyes as they are looking right at him. The other two people in the elevator are stunned with what they are looking at.
BellaDiMarco edited dialogue in "Bella going to elevator" on 01/08/2014. more
Bella (CONT'D)
I don’t want to hear it. The last time you promised me didn't turn out so well, did it? I have to go visit my husband who makes in an hour what you make in a year. I'll be there in an hour, they better be ready.

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