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A police action show set in England in the year 2082. Nuclear war has left most of the world ravaged and bare, but a city has risen from the ashes, Devonia, humanities last hope.

But all is not perfect; between the internal terrorist threats, political and military intrigue and the ever present attacks from the wasteland Messermort clan and the hyper technological Darktown life is never simple

We follow the lives of DCI Julia Paragon and the members of the Special Branch as they struggle to handle the increasing threats to the city, Herbert Sycthe an ultra wealthy CEO with his own vision of the future and Lucius Adler the leader of a mysterious religious cult that claims its origins from the depths of prehistory

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Commissioner Burke enters the Police Tech-lab, a large workshop like area full of a selection of computers and machine-shop tools. Several half built contraptions decorate the place. He approaches Commander James Gray, a tall muscular man in his early fifties with medium length greying hair.

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