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hunthom edited dialogue in "The Chase" on 10/22/2014. hunthom made 5 other changes. more
Charlie gargotta
There's a funny think about chasing someone down. You might not know exactly why they're running, but you know you cant let them get away. As familiar as you are with a city or a street you can never really predict where a person is going to run. We all know that the shortest point between A & B is a straight line, but that doesn't help you much rounding street corners at top speed. Too wider and you lose valueable time,, cut it short and you're liable to get tangled in a mess of unknown bullshit. Its smart to play it safe and recognise that his adrenaline took him, but your body won;t make it let him get away. Or, at leas let yourself think that theres nothing worse than losing a foot race. Who knows whats on the other side of that fucking wall.
hunthom added dialogue in "LOSS" on 06/01/2014. hunthom made 17 other changes. more
CHARLE Gargotta
Ground zero with no where to look, The taste of bile in my mouth from too many drinks and too many smokes, I don't know see how it all can look any better than a filler ashtray and an empty glass. Oblivion eternity, aleph, nothing. Then she walks in again her bare legs covered in bruises from the night before. Any girl with class would have worn stockings. But she was here for one reason alone. Because she already paid me.
hunthom edited the scene titled "LOSS" on 02/22/2014. hunthom made 7 other changes. more

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