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4 Women seek to over throw the patriarchy one bill at a time.

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with what... oh the pictures? Yeah, see after we met yesterday afternoon... I realized that this plan needed to be streamlined... the house was going to debate in the morning, and the verdict would come out in the afternoon... So I did some digging and I found that someone else was at the bottom of this shithole
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Yeah I know. I just don't like it, okay!
Balls can't take a beatin they're too... too sensitive. They're too soft. Never in my life have I seen a pair of balls take a motherfucking beating.
(small beat)
But pussies on the other hand.... Pussies. Cunts.They can take a beating, take a punch for the whole team and come out of it with dignity... fuck tits can take a hit too. All this grow some balls talk... this masagonist jargin its bullshit.. its medieval... archaic.
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