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Episode 2 of the Dying Room Guest.

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You are not ready for that yet young one.
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Hey man, you ever see that movie about that all black guy swim team?
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Chris (CONT'D)
just feel little irritated and cramped up, ya know.... I think we should get out, go out or something, did you see this ? it was on the door.
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Miagee and Chris are standing side by side with both of their arms out on each side. Miagee does a little wave that he expects Chris to complete, Chris messes it up. Chris practices his shimmy, Miagee watches intently while eating a lobster from out of the dumpster. He sees something he doesn't liked and throws the lobster at Chris.Miagee is now yelling at Chris "Pop" Chris tires to pop, then Miagee yells out "Lock" Chris then attempts to lock. He cant' do it well. Miagee and Chris are doing the wave with their arms once again. Chris is getting better. Miagee takes notice at his improvement. Miagee is now eating a chicken leg, Chris is practicing his shimmy, right as Miagee is about to throw his chicken leg at Chris in disapproval, he stops because Chris is now starting to get it. Miagee is screaming pop lock pop lock, and Chris is "hitting" all his cues, Miagee is extremely impressed.

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