1. doctors office.

Scene starts with Vanessa and Chris. They are affectionate to one an other, and he kisses him and tells him she has something important to tell them on their next date.... This leads into chris's reteeling of the story to the Doc and how it finally is all working out for him, because he got his license back, so shes gonna tell him shes a porn star, and he is going to get sprayed down in Eric's car. This leads to how Chris lost his license in the first place (jerkin off while driving, and he was a little drunk) Then they go back in forth as to how to get out of a DUI.

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2. Living Room

Eric is playing pogs with his friend Larry in the living room, Chris comes home in a whirlwind and convinces Eric to let him use his car tomorrow for his big date that's coming up Eric of course reluctantly agrees. Chris's gets so excited he decides he is going to even play pogs with Eric and Larry, Eric is excited by this news, and runs to the pog room to get more pogs, Chris decides he is going to need to drink to deal with playing the game. A couple of hours go by and Chris is shitfaced and can barely hit the pogs with the slammer now, He's talking shit when all of this sudden Eric's phone rings, he answers and offers it to Chris. Chris drunk and confused just stares at him until Eric mentions "It's Vanessa" Chris takes the phone quickly and goes out front to talk. We hear her on the other line, she tells Chris hows she been thinking about him , and doesn't know if she can wait til tomorrow to talk to him, and she wants to see him now. He storms back inside on a mission, he asks Eric if he can borrow his car tonight, Eric is hesitant again.... but agrees none the less, when he reminds Chris that he has been drinking Chris thinks about it, and reflects on the Doc's DUI advice, He grabs a full bottle of Gin and assures Eric, "It's cool bro I got it covered."

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3. Inside Eric's Car.

Chris gets pulled over and is pissed but tries the chugging the liquor to get out of the ticket, while the cop is simultaneously walking up to his window . He realizes how drunk he is while chugging, and ends up spitting the liquor all over the cop when he gets to the window. The cop is not happy, shortly after in the middle of a sentence Chris pukes all over the cops boots. He is fucked. While he is being taken away he is screaming, no no I'm supposed to get squirted on, not yet not YET !

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4. Jail Cell

Chris is thrown into a jail cell with a big black bald inmates, Chris sits in the corner and pouts, The cellmate breaks the silence but saying to Chris " You got pretty hair" Chris's expression changes from anger to fear .... The cellmate gets up from his bed and everything slowly fades to black as he gets closer to Chris.

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5. Hospital room

Chris wakes up, he is in the hospital, There's a police officer and a doctor standing over him, Chris freaks out, he doesnt know where he is or how he got there. The officer explains the Dui situation and what happend with that, Chris was too drunk to even make his phonecall, he kept dialing out sex lines numbers to try to get the cops in trouble. Then the office tells Chris there was an incident in his cell last nite with the other inmate. Chris get s a random flashback of the big black bald man combing his hair, while he is sobbing, suddenly Chris is scared shitless, then the doctor chimes in with the worst news, that Chris has Aids, and as damaged as his liver is, he is probobly going to die .... for real this time .... We go out on Chris's stunned face.

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