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The idea is the following; We, as individuals, Have many many dimensions.
One of them is the physical manifestation of the main dimension i.e our conscious/soul.
Now, as soon as a person understand this idea, he/she will understand that we are limited or perhaps limiting ourselves in these bodies, names and titles while we can go much further.
We limit ourselves by following the unwritten rules. By trying so hard to fit in to follow the trend to try so hard to stand out.
Our dimensions aside from the one that is on earth now, are something we now can not predict. Maybe we lived another life, maybe we were an animal, maybe we were angels or devils.
Now after death, our souls/ the mere us, must go somewhere. We can't be energies that fade in the ground.
Perhaps this is close to the religious beliefs but it doesn't come from it.
Another point mentioned in the video, is that death happens when we understand the things we need know and learn, when we do our part in this world.

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I believe we were forced to be that way. By everything that is around us. For some reason, i chose to be in this body, to have My parents, to live my life. I am meant to fulfill something, to do my part in this world. then i'll leave.
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They get to the airplane, Get ready and play a movie, get some sleep, eat and rest.
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INT. int. at the dinner table.

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