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Quick pitch

This screenplay is about a young man making a decision that will alter his life as he decides to barter his education for the drug life as he and several other friends decide to travel to Florida to embark in the drug trade.

The story takes place on the highway and makes stops along the way.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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KhalilThomasATL added a new scene titled "Crossing over" 11 months ago. KhalilThomasATL made 11 other changes. more
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Both boys in the car begin laughing as they back out of the driveway and drive off into the night.
KhalilThomasATL added a slugline in "Know the ledge" 11 months ago. KhalilThomasATL made 3 other changes. more
INT. Exterior: Outside afternoon
KhalilThomasATL inserted dialogue in "On our way" 11 months ago. KhalilThomasATL made 73 other changes. more
Yeah, I know he's waiting. He don't say much, but I
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Shit! Y'all little niggas better get on these hoes, especially before them dope boys get on them.

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