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Based on David Ives’ one act play “Sure Thing”, where two strangers meet in a café and find themselves wrapped in one big conversation as an “ off-stage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes and faux pas on their way to falling in love”, "Distractions" is a dialogue-driven, simple, yet interesting romantic comedy. Taking place at Lamar University‘s popular restaurant, Mirabeau’s, two college students, Kevin and Kate meet up and keep each other company on ordinary Friday night. Having a conversation ranging from school to troublesome exes the two develop a stronger connection through a series of mishaps, Freudian slips, flubs and the sound of faulty cash register; giving them both a second (or sometimes third) chance to redo and learn from their mistakes and to set things straight.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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--Don't you cut me off. You're just like every other guy here, just wants to get his rocks off! But you're not fooling anybody. You ain't getting any from me! Yeah, I said it! I know your scheme. You're a schemer!
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Tell me about it
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We've probably pass each other by in the Setz or in the halls and didn't even know it.
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Yeah! You better leave! You jerk!
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The two share a moment of silence. They glance at each other. Kate continues to read.

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