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GypsyValedor added an action in "Scene 3" on 11/13/2010. GypsyValedor made 2 other changes.
GypsyValedor added an action in "Scene 3" on 11/13/2010 [view]
Leah/Liza's voice fades out, but she keeps speaking animatedly. Megan continues to stare at Preston as Leah/Liza babbles on.
GypsyValedor edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 11/13/2010 [view]
He's a loner type you know? I mean he doesn't really talk to people and when he does it's less of a talk and more of a...
(she struggles to find the right word but after a second gives up, shaking her head)
and super Christian- I mean like uber super, like he carries his Bible around 24/7- and most people here aren't really cool with that so they give him a hard time and I mean you're gonna have a hard enough time being the new kid- I mean if you transfer- without getting chummy with
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