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bschulz3 edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 10/14/2013. bschulz3 made 34 other changes. more
Nah, he's all right. Without him, this whole conversation wouldn't have happened.
bschulz3 edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 10/13/2013. bschulz3 made 12 other changes. more
Stupid dog. What was my mom thinking when she got you? You know you made me late for school this morning. Well, technically Mom made me late, but it was still your fault that I got in trouble.
bschulz3 added a transition in "Scene 3" on 10/13/2013. bschulz3 made 155 other changes. more
bschulz3 edited an action in "Scene 1" on 10/13/2013. more
She drapes her red apron across the back of her chair and sits in the chair to Russell's left.
bschulz3 inserted a transition in "Scene 1" on 10/13/2013. bschulz3 made 3 other changes. more

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