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It's Gummy's first day at Fengil's Fungus Fortress, and the preparations are almost complete. Everyone keeps mistaking Gummy for the recently expired page, Goo, but Gummy's having enough trouble with pronouns, much less filling the previous page's shoes. How does everyone take their coffee? How dusty should the catacomb's coffins be? Gummy has a lot to learn.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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JaniceHutchings added an action in "The Skull Hedges" two years ago. JaniceHutchings made 31 other changes. more
Gummy: Well, thanks! Catch ya later! Good luck with your... skull... things! (edges away backward)
JaniceHutchings added an action in "Breakfast" two years ago. JaniceHutchings made 31 other changes. more
(Wildefeest bobs up and down with an inarticulate grumble in agreement, then motions forward with the ladle)
JaniceHutchings created this project! two years ago. more

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