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The laptop screen saver shows her other pics as music gets played on it. Suddenly, the door bell rings. A hand switches off the laptop music. We see Sarah wearing Sari and with proper conventional daughter-in-law look. She goes to open the door. The door opens and indistinct voices are heard. On the laptop screen, group photo of her, along with her family and in-laws appear.
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sarah (CONT'D) (CONT'D)
Hi Jyoti!
Yeah I know.. I know about the deadline...! I am trying to figure out... Actually my hubby, my son and my in laws have gone to Mahabaleshwar. They were supposed to come back tomorrow. But the road is blocked due to some accident, so they are coming back today.
(gives up struggling with the comb and throws it away)
And the flat is a mess. Moreover I had promised to cook for them when they will be back. God what I am gonna do?! Okay i will call you back! Bye!
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She hangs up and looks at herself in horror. She picks up bathing gown, towel and enters the bathroom. But she comes out. She goes to the dining table and picks up the DOVE oil. And goes back in.

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