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Long ago...a legend was born and now, the nightmare returns.

In the 21st Century; a group of construction workers are doing work on Dracula's Castle in Transylvania when one of them comes across the coffin containing the legendary vampire himself, after his blood drips onto the coffin's lid; the legendary vampire is reborn...and seeking revenge.

Can the descendants of Van Helsing and Johnathon Harker stop the Prince of Darkness before he shrouds the whole world in eternal night?

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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It then cuts to a ship carrying Dracula's coffins across the sea to England; it then shows Dracula turning Mina Harker, the soon to be wife of Johnathan; into a vampire.
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For years; Vlad waited for revenge...until it came in the form of a young accountant from England called Jonathan Harker.
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Dracula would have gotten his vengeance on humanity; if not for the swift intervention of Harker and his allies...
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