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She tries to leave, reaching for the door with her left hand. MATTHEW grabs her wrist and holds it up: he sees her wedding ring.
demonsrun deleted an action in "SCENE 6" on 08/14/2013. demonsrun made 9 other changes. more
Insert skrillex song here
demonsrun edited an action in "SCENE 6" on 08/14/2013. demonsrun made 21 other changes. more
MATTHEW screams at the roof. He holds ALICE close to his chest. Zoom to background where the HALLUCINATION, now ALICE in bloodied wedding dress stands, looking sadly and silently at the scene. Cut to PSYCHOLOGIST's office where PSYCHOLOGIST ducks away from a projectile from MATTHEW's direction. He yells in the direction of the door for security. MATTHEW sits in the corner of the "cell" crying and screaming, pulling his hair with his hands. Back to MATTHEW's kitchen where MATTHEW looks up as light falls on him and ALICE from the police entering. Low shot of his feet as he resignedly walks away from the body. Following behind him are the feet of ALICE. MATTHEW being taken down the halls of the ASYLUM, back-of-head shot. As he reaches the door, the scene cuts back to an asylum security worker rushing into MATTHEW's room. PSYCHIATRIST points to MATTHEW (camera from MATTHEW's P.O.V.). The worker brandishes a straight jacket and walks toward him. The jacket covers the screen. WHITE OUT.
demonsrun added dialogue in "SCENE 6" on 08/13/2013. demonsrun made 25 other changes. more
Please! Stop! Let me go, oh god, oh god.
demonsrun added an action in "SCENE 6" on 08/13/2013. demonsrun made 4 other changes. more
He freezes for a moment, then puts the box on the bench, close-up. MATTHEW follows her toward the door.

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