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Quick pitch

A new drug not named yet, globally, but the street name is LUCID. It allows the mind while dreaming to control your own dream (Lucid Dreaming.) But it has side effects when you abuse it and don't respect it, much like LSD.

Genre= Transgressive Fiction

Project Type: Not Yet Specified.

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Hello there, My name is
I am 27 years old, I live in the big city of New York. I bet your wondering how does a guy like me without a college diploma afford a condo like this? Well let me tell you a little about myself, I graduated High school, and only went to 1 semester of college when I was offered a job to steal from the 1% of America's richest I dropped out immediately, I'm a
Computer programmer,
(Shot gets closer to face as he whispers)
Hacker, but shhh. I know all code languages being interested in computers since the age of 7. So It's quite easy to be this rich, hard work, but It gets done, not going to go into much detail because highly illegal and If I told you than everyone would do it? I spend my time as such, Monday through Friday I am the color white, absorbing into myself and work, Working out, playing games by myself or just doing my same old same old, weekends are for partying and taking my favorite of drugs. I have a gorgeous girlfriend who I don't let live with me just yet because she's not fond of my drug intake, one day I'll stop. My parents got divorced at a young age and I had no father around anymore, and my mother had a traveling job so I was left with my great aunt when I was younger I had plenty of time to myself to do whatever I wanted with my time. As I got older I first started trying the boring drugs like weed and alcohol, but nothing ever settled my crave, I needed something more, something that made me in control of the drug, than one day not to long ago, I'd say a month ago, I was offered this.
(holding up a little white pill)
This my friend is LDC, only a few people knew about it, like I said before, If everyone knew about it, than everyone would do it.
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God damn it. Asleep again for 17 minutes.

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