A young boy, Makiah Miller, from a small Iowa town has a "Dream Big Dreams" wish of going to Washington DC to play basketball with his Dream Team Player, Barack Obama at the White House Basketball Court.

Makiiah is befriended by George Washington who appears iin Mount Vernon via a "chalk the walk" worm hole in space and time. George was attempting to go home, The Movie is about his journey home and his sharing of his 33 genius ways of manifesting the town's people's "Dream Big Dreams"....George Washington shares his 33 ways of independance, ways of happiness and ways of forming a more perfect union.

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For those of you who don't know what a "dream big dreams" wish is; it is magical, it is the hopes, the desires, the miracles that make us who we are. Makiah drove with his Dad all the way from Iowa to make his dreams come true. He wanted so much to meet Barack Obama because he knew that what he a great man. They once played basketball before the elections in Iowa and he so much wanted to play again. — thefulldupree on 11/18/2009

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