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This is about a girl who wants her dreams to come true and will try anything but her parents don't believe in her. It is a story of proving to herself she can do it and proving to her parents she is better than they think.

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Princessuniverse00 edited the scene titled "The Aftermath" two years ago. Princessuniverse00 made 3 other changes. more
caregirl5 edited the scene titled "Daydreaming In School" on 01/02/2012. caregirl5 made 2 other changes. more
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Stomps up the stairs in a angry mood
caregirl5 added a comment to Dreaming Alone on 09/13/2010. more
She is doing it on purpose to get on her parents nerve's because they won't let her go but she does come round at the end of the scene. She realises that if she wants it to happen, she can't be mean to her parents, she has to play it right and not act like a bitch :)
Princessuniverse00 added a comment to Dreaming Alone on 09/13/2010. more
If adriana really wants her parents to let her go to this school then why wont she tell them the price?and why would she made this a task for them by telling them to look themselves?wouldnt she give them all the information so they can see its not expensive and
she has dont her research and is informed then maybe they will let her go.

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