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Sydney Amanuel is a struggling artist in the ridiculously commercial town of Monroe, New York. Having little to no money, she rents out an obscenely large treehouse located in her backyard. The 'apartment' is moderately cheap and is soon occupied by Bryan and Andrew, who juggle retail jobs and constantly struggle to allocate funds for their rent. Andy, a third roommate is incessantly pompous and criticizes the rest with intense sarcasm relentlessly. Sarah, Bryan's sister is the charming, bisexual house cleaner who barely does any work and habitually persuades the other tenants to do chores for her, regardless of her employment and free rent. The motley crew

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Sarah looks at the butter, looks at Marti, looks back to the butter, looks at Andy, back to the butter, then back to Marti.
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Sydney looks at Sarah, who looks back at her before smiling and turning back to her huge plate of breakfast.
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