The group sits at breakfast eating, when Sydney walks in with Bryan's old ex girlfriend, Marti. The breakup was apparently gruesome and this creates quite a problem. Sydney manages to calm the guests down, demonstrating her underlying ownership and simultaneously demanding rent. Andy is able to pay it (as usual) and Sarah does not have anything to do with the matter. Bryan and Andrew come up short, and as a consequence are forced to escort Sydney as she runs ridiculous errands around town. At the same time, Marti is getting situated at the house and comes into contact with Andy. The two hook up and eventually have sex. Sarah has invited another girl into the house and the two get comfortable, while it is excruciating clear that the guest is a bit odd and somewhat shady. Andrew and Bryan, almost done with their chores must accompany Sydney to her acting class, where they meet TJ, the flamboyant homosexual acting coach. He takes a liking to the two and offers to pay the rest of their debt if they agree to wash his car shirtless, the two accept. Sydney invited TJ back to the house where they come in contact with the other four. Andy and Marti are disgustingly intimate and Sarah remains infatuated with her guest, Jenna. However, it is obvious that she has replaced her affection for Sarah with one for Sydney, who does not share the same feelings whatsoever. Everyone drinks excessively, Bryan and Andy coming into a tussle over Marti, who is unfeeling. Suddenly, Jenna makes a run at Sydney with a knife in a lesbianic rage. Andrew accidentally kills Jenna with a bow and arrow and Sarah is in pieces, mourning over the loss of her recent beloved while Andrew declares that he saved Sydney's life and will never pay rent again. The next morning, Bryan and Andrew wake up with TJ sleeping in between them. Bryan gets up while Andrew is still sleeping and goes into the kitchen, where Marti sits. She propositions him for a blow job and Bryan accepts . Andy is standing in the kitchen unsuspectingly when Marti emerges from Bryan's room half dressed. She says nothing to him, retreating into the bathroom. Andy stands parlayed in disbelief until she emerges fully dressed, fleeting out of the house never to return. On the mirror, written in lipstick "I gave you both chlamydia" FIN.

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