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INT. int. military complex - research room (testing chamber) - day
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Well, a couple months back, my friend Tommy was working for the Chicago branch of the Ring. This was just before I decided to join. Anyway, DudeMan showed up. Tommy says that DudeMan tore through the place, dodging all the gunfire. Beating the holy crap outta them guys. He said DudeMan's got the... strength of ten men.
In just ten minutes, he'd taken down a whole warehouse full of the Ring's best fighters...all by himself. And he did it all with a wicked grin on his face.
(the others mumble in disbelief)
It's gotta be true. Only way to explain it. From what I heard, the cops think he's real. And the FBI has some kinda task force hunting him down, I think. They just don't wanna admit it to the public. They might panic. Besides, they must not want people to think they can't handle some nut in a costume, but doesn't make him any less real.
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DudeMan begins to reload his gun, but just then, he hears one of the unconscious RDs behind him, getting up, slowly, preparing to sneak attack DudeMan, with his machine gun. DudeMan realizes the figure is right behind him at just the last second. DudeMan spins around, gun reloaded, and fires, knocking the RD out at just the last moment. As DudeMan fires, he positions his arms in the "DAB" position. This causes the man's gun to off, shattering what was left of the glass. The body hits the ground, unconscious.
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DudeMan spins under the oncoming punch of another FD. He then stands and backfists the same figure, who SHOUTS the WILHELM SCREAM.
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Dudeman (fake voice)
Yeah, boss. Leave it to us. We'll head straight there.
(he hangs up)
Go ahead... make my day. Ya just did.

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