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Aus14 edited dialogue in "Scene 3: Part 2" a year ago. more
(possibly add some backstory exposition: come back and add that in later)
Yeah. Jack, and Arthur, and Linda and us. Us. Togther, I mean. In our time together, we've chased down some of the worst criminals the United States has ever had. It's a cancer. And bad things happen to people like us. Even when we're trying to do some good. What if... one of the others in our division got hurt doing this? Going after the mob, or... or DudeMan. What if you got hurt? Or... what if we let our personal attachments get in the way of our better judgement? And only make things worse?
We hardly know anything about either of them. They could find out about us and bust down our doors in the middle of the night. And what would we be able to do to stop them?
(leaning forward)
They're out there right now. Doing God knows what.
Aus14 edited an action in "Scene 3: Part 2" a year ago. more
Laura laughs, and then the music starts. The song is "Twist and Shout". The group of a dozen couples or so begin to dance to the music. Many of the couples aren't old enough to appreciate the song, but we can tell Sherman instantly recognizes it, and gets into the groove.
Aus14 edited dialogue in "Scene 3: Part 2" a year ago. more
Oh, hi Sherman, didn't realize it was you. Let me check the back for those roses.
(walking off)
Have some special occasion planned?
Aus14 inserted an action in "Scene 3: Part 2" a year ago. Aus14 made 3 other changes. more
He takes off running towards the exit, to escape, while the Russian Leader is distracted, scrambling to grab another missile from a weapon bag lying beside him. This is where he got the RPG in the first place.
Aus14 added a comment to DudeMan Scene 1B a year ago. more
You know, Jack. You should really consider buying a smartphone. It's so hard to get ahold of you when you're out, since you don't have one. Especially since we need you so often, sometimes at a moment's notice.
Sorry, Sherman, I just don't take to smartphones like most people. All those distractions, and actually it's kinda creepy, if you think about it. And don't even get me started on that 'Siri'. Freaky. It'd just be so distracting, I'd never get anything done. If someone wants to call me, call my home phone.
Plus, I don't all this data, stuff. And all the money that goes into it that I could use for other stuff...
Ok, ok, I get it. You've got your reasons. I just think you should consider it. Just a suggestion.

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