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Don't I know it. Last time I went to the doctor he got all in a huff about my heat too. I told him "Now listen here I have been doing just fine doin' what i have been doin' and I don't intend to change on your account" Oh you know those doctors always thinking they know whats best for everyone. To tell you the truth I'm not even sure I trust em' anymore.
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It is Eleven O'clock and The two Neighbors Matilda and Patty have a lunch planed(By Patty) together(though She would tell anyone who asked that it was a Joint effort between the two of them). Matilda Has just taken the trek across Patty's lawn down her walkway and right up to her Door with its extra large doorbell Put in So that anyone who would like to visit can find it really easy. The door Always remains locked because "You never know what kind of people are out there" So anyone who would like to enter gets to wait for Matilda to finally remember witch way to turn all the different knobs she had installed and open the door.

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