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Killswitch Engage have already had sold out shows before and there are currently no sold out events but it is only a small tour, with only ten date currently planned for the tour it will only be a short tour. with previous reviews from the public such as "Great concert, sounded phenom, tons of energy. Would see again" and "SEE THESE GUYS LIVE!!!!!!!! BEST LIVE SOUND I'VE EVER HEARD. INTENSE SHOW ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!!" you can bet that all the shows that they play will be immense and will leave the whole crowd mind-blown
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Anneliese (CONT'D)
so this part of the show i will tell you what is currently the itunes UK top ten singles of the week at number 10 - Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie
(feat. JAY Z)
9 - Taylor Swift - i knew you were trouble 8 - Little Mix - Change your life, 7 - The Lumineers - ho hey, 6 - Bingo Players Get Up
[feat. Far East Movement],5- Emeli Sande - Clown, 4 - Calvin Harris - Drinking from the Bottle
(feat. Tinie Tempah)
, 3 - Bruno Mars - when i was your man and now in second Disclosure - White Noise
(feat. AlunaGeorge)
and finally Avicii Nicky Romero - i could be the one thats it for the itunes this week.
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with seventeen dates already confirmed for the Smashing Pumpkins tour it may not be the longest but the respectable status that the band has there is a hint that all gigs will be packed if not sold out. so far the support act is unknown but from what shows in previous Smashing Pumpkins tour they may not have a support act so it could be three or more hours of their music old and hopefully new.
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With the release of what could be their biggest hits yet Biffy Clyro have recently released their new album Opposites. It was released on january 28th with it released for awhile now it has become quite popular with the public. Q magazine has written their review and says "Their sixth album has everything you should want from a rock group: riffs, daring ambition, big choruses and a bit with bagpipes in it." the album has big promises on it as it is a double album and as the past shows for other bands its hard to keep the quality between the two CD equal.
aamarshall added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 02/14/2013. aamarshall made 13 other changes. more
Download is back and it is believed to be the biggest one yet, with headliners such as Slipknot, Iron maiden and Rammstien

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