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Quick pitch

An agent is given a mysterious assignment that requires him to journey to another planet. The physiological and mental requirements prove to be more than he can handle and arrives on the foreign planet in a daze.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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hunthom commented on dialogue. two years ago. more
c'mon way more poetic and beautiful! I mean like, geez, really?!
badguise edited a slugline in "Introduction: Packing For a Trip" two years ago. badguise made 3 other changes. more
INT. INT: Small apartment - day
hunthom edited dialogue in "The Trip" two years ago. hunthom made 12 other changes. more
alan (v.O.)
Our destination is 365 million miles away. Picking up speed the the buildings start to blur. I can't even tell exactly when we slip through the curtains of time, into the fourth dimension.
bbqfresh joined the project! two years ago. more
hunthom edited dialogue in "The Trip" two years ago. hunthom made 14 other changes. more
alan (v.O.)
The car pressurizes so fast that even through the earplugs, I can feel the change in my ears.

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