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Quick pitch

An agent is given a mysterious assignment that requires him to journey to another planet. The physiological and mental requirements prove to be more than he can handle and arrives on the foreign planet in a daze.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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hunthom commented on dialogue. on 04/27/2014. more
c'mon way more poetic and beautiful! I mean like, geez, really?!
badguise edited a slugline in "Introduction: Packing For a Trip" on 04/26/2014. badguise made 3 other changes. more
INT. INT: Small apartment - day
hunthom edited dialogue in "The Trip" on 04/26/2014. hunthom made 12 other changes. more
alan (v.O.)
Our destination is 365 million miles away. Picking up speed the the buildings start to blur. I can't even tell exactly when we slip through the curtains of time, into the fourth dimension.
bbqfresh joined the project! on 04/08/2014. more
hunthom edited dialogue in "The Trip" on 03/20/2014. hunthom made 14 other changes. more
alan (v.O.)
The car pressurizes so fast that even through the earplugs, I can feel the change in my ears.

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