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Earth Flash

"Primer" meets "Magma" to stem the disasters that ensue after aurorae that are reaching the equator dip into the Arctic sea. The South Africans have forced the hand of the world's leaders to prepare for a variation on nuclear winter, by killing one third of the ocean floor with a bacteria that will preserve some of the genetic material ubntil someday when it may be recovered. At the same time, some other chemical process has lead the aurorae of the Earth to reach the equator and actually shoot high energy particles into the Arctic Sea. The imbalance is leading to lightning fronts and severe fires that have drawn the emergency resources of the world to exhaustion. A plume of material ejected from Venus is further cause for concern, because if it has been accomplished by the South Africans, it will push the grenhouse brink closer, while suffocating countries as if they'd been nuked. A scientist claims the Venus plume was manmade, but that it was probably made by DARPA, the US's top secret technology agency, who he blames for the world's oceans' problem. Dismissed as a kook, who has cooked up many kooky conspiracy scenarios in the past, he turns out to have been the designer of the Venus device, drawing attention to himself so that the Chinese who detonated it, keep at bay. His expertise draws him into the spotlight, however, and this barely compensated teaching assistant at a public university must contend with widespread criticism that he may be a traitor, while he puts his reward from the Chinese to use trying to save the oceans. The professor who he assists falls in love with him, and the two of them bear the brunt, until all is revealed over the internet. The nuclear winter solution, a detonation on the far side of the moon that sends megatons of dust into the Earth's atmosphere, is deployed, but another device counters it, and the world continues on its course, but now with an atmospheric "sewer" processing the imbalances.

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