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One day on the street

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In the heart of the street, a girl is rushing toward the meeting location with her boyfriend. The girl texts to her boyfriend to inform that she might be late. Her boyfriend replies with a comfortable response telling her not to worry about it. She then walks across the street to enter the park.
AkaiHsieh edited an action in "EXT. NEWPORK SMALL PARK - DAY" on 04/30/2015. AkaiHsieh made 30 other changes. more
The girl arrives the meeting location, but she can't find her boyfriend, only the clothes laying on the ground. The girl then try to call her boyfriend and finds out his cell phone in the pile of clothes. There is a photo of her boyfriend with another girl on the screen of this cell phone. The girl furiously throw the clothes to a trashcan nearby, then decide to leave the meeting location. The clothes catch on fire by the time she turns away. The girl leaves the park, only burning clothes left on the ground.
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