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A lonely and awkward college student is visited by the spirit of Lao Tzu. Commenting on how solitary, routine and unhappy his situation is, he tells him to reread his book, the Tao Te Ching, and complete over the course of 8 days sets of tasks based on chapters in the book, or otherwise his worst fears of dying alone will come true.

As he tries to complete his tasks, he is met with confusion from the general populace, experiences irritability and awkward situations, and eventually meets new people who appreciate his new open, spontaneous personality, all the while time winds down.

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Hey! That's my bike! He's coming near us too, maybe I can get him...
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INT. Ext. Bright Meadow- Day. The wing flaps of a beautiful butterfly in a bright meadow appears on the screen to the music of old spanish songs. After a moment, from a distance, one can hear from the distance the voice of someone uttering the name "Zach" repeatedly.
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This is a very rough draft, and I might need to change a lot of things just simply to make it easier for me and I think I need a more satisfying end.

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