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Mrs. james
I've been doing just great! Until recently, of course, All of us are just so sorry about your family. Absolutely tragic, and in our own little neighborhood as well. There are just so many people moving here, you can't tell which ones are trouble and which ones are genuinely good people. But you don't need to be hearing that, I assume you already know these details - and more, obviously. If you ever need to talk to anyone, just make that short trek across the street! Better me than anyone else, they all just want to know more about this situation. I expect you'll have plenty of well-wishers showing up soon, bringing food and offering a shoulder to cry on. But you've known me for years, obviously, you know that I'm genuinely concerned about you.
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Mrs. james
Of course, but -
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A faint ring echos through the empty house and Naenia's bedroom door opens. She walks out, heading down the stairs not looking at any other rooms or the walls. As she gets to the main hall, the doorbell RINGS again. She rolls her eyes and picks up her purse by the door, hanging it on a hook in the wall. She put a smile on her face and crossed her fingers before opening the door to reveal a middle-aged blonde woman with green eyes holding a dish in her hands.
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