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I'm turning the book Eleven by Lauren Myracle into a script for school.

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skaro5 added an action in "INT. Trinity Gym - Later (2nd)" on 01/27/2013. skaro5 made 78 other changes. more
Ms.Russell sees Winnie listening.
skaro5 added a transition in "EXT. The Mall - After School" on 01/27/2013. skaro5 made 62 other changes. more
skaro5 added a new scene titled "November" on 01/27/2013. skaro5 made 39 other changes. more
skaro5 added an action in "INT. Winnie's Attic - A Few Minutes Later" on 01/26/2013. skaro5 made 64 other changes. more
Winnie runs down to the kitchen and checks under the microwave. Winnie takes out the twine, pulls on it a bit, then drops it back into the drawer.
skaro5 added dialogue in "INT. Winnie's Bedroom - later" on 01/26/2013. skaro5 made 54 other changes. more
Come on, Winnie. Let's see if we can rescue that cat of yours.

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