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olivemae deleted an action in "Elliot turns off lights" on 10/16/2011. olivemae made 48 other changes. more
elliot looks behind him
olivemae added an action in "elliot runs into his old friend" on 01/14/2011. olivemae made 67 other changes. more
Elliot hugs his child and greets his wife as if nothing has happened.
olivemae edited dialogue in "Elliot turns off lights" on 01/14/2011. olivemae made 38 other changes. more
Elliot 2:
....Yeah, I know. No one knows better than me that this motherfucker needs to die, man.
olivemae edited a slugline in "This is your first scene." on 05/02/2009. olivemae made 13 other changes. more
INT. 5 hours later. dusk. Country road. Elliot in truck

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