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His name is Elliot.
He was a happy child until he was awoken one night by a door slamming in the middle of the night. He rose from his bed terrified and runs to his parents room and tells them what had happened, they tell him that it was just a nightmare. Elliot knows that what he heard was not just in his dreams it was real and he knew it. The demon then possesses him and he goes to kill his brother sister and parents. This is all done in one night. His parents were right, it was a nightmare of sorts, hi inner mind was haunted. He had inner demons that were slowly eating at him. His parents were rude to him, as he thought although they were great parents. His brother bullied him and always messed with him, although his brother loves him. He has problems that he, nor his few friends realized. HIs parents were oblivious to his problems. He just cracked…. then he wakes up. Walks to his parents room to find them dead in their beds. Horrified he panics and goes to his sisters room and finds her dead also.

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Mom: What does that mean.
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Mom: Lets talk about this later I have to go to work.

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