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A flashback of him in a doctors office with her and the doctor, images and shots to portray protagonist having issues with his mind. The protagonist is noticeably uncomfortable and acts out when seen talking to the doctor with a bottle of pills in his hands. He looks skyward and wipes the tears off his face. The text messages stop. he picks up his phone to find picture of his friends and her. He then looks at the messages from "...Me..." and they stop coming in. He deletes them, and removes the ellipsis from the name leaving just "Me" He gathers up his things, and wears something a bit more bright and as he's about to leave he notices the gun and sketchbook on the table. He picks up the gun hesitantly and tosses it aside and brings the sketchbook along with him. He looks around with one more time with a solemn expression and wipes his face.
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Why would they be? What are you to them? Nothing
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(Author's note)
The following shots will be done in a pseudo jump cut montage, increasing in speed to emphasis tedium
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