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AelitaAngel101 commented on the scene "scene 7." on 01/31/2009. more
i didnt make this. I joined it
AelitaAngel101 commented on the scene "scene 6." on 01/30/2009. more
is this a full length movie,a skit,or a t.v. show?
AelitaAngel101 joined the project! on 01/29/2009. more
advancedenglish edited an action in "scene 7" on 01/29/2009. advancedenglish made 43 other changes. more
Lilly, Joe, Ryan and Katie return back to the United States.They never told anyone about there new friend that they met on planet Gloop. They also hoped that they would never have to go there ever again.
advancedenglish added an action in "scene 6" on 01/29/2009. advancedenglish made 29 other changes. more
They got someone to fly them to planet Gloop and they finally arrived at planet Gloop.

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