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emirb added an action in "Int.Outside the hospital.afternoon" on 05/24/2013. emirb made 13 other changes. more
both smile and then they hug it out
emirb added dialogue in "Int.Outside the hospital.afternoon" on 05/22/2013. emirb made 41 other changes. more
yo man u good
emirb edited dialogue in "scene 2" on 05/21/2013. emirb made 4 other changes. more
naw man you changed. i thought it was always going to be bro's before hoes
emirb added an action in "scene 2" on 05/20/2013. emirb made 28 other changes. more
kobe st
chrisjcinders added a comment to Emir Is Awesome on 05/17/2013. chrisjcinders made 1 other comment and 3 other changes. more
What up? Pretty good job. Just some formatting errors, I fixed them but that's all I did cause I'm not sure to go.you want this story to go. Just let me know when you read this. Also I'm currently looking for help with my new projects SurvivorsX.

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