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Roman Emperors Augustus Caesar, Nero, Diocletian, and Constantine meet in the Elysium and boast about their contributions to Rome.

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thelostmarauder inserted an action in "Scene 6- The Furies" on 10/21/2014. thelostmarauder made 10 other changes. more
Nero is left behind.
thelostmarauder added an action in "Scene 6- The Furies" on 10/13/2014. thelostmarauder made 70 other changes. more
Alecto follows them close by, lashing her whip at Nero to prevent him from fighting back.
thelostmarauder edited dialogue in "Scene 5- The Meeting" on 10/12/2014. thelostmarauder made 37 other changes. more
Really? You make yourself sound so generous, but were you not the one who started the persecution of Christians?
thelostmarauder added dialogue in "Scene Three- Diocletian" on 10/12/2014. thelostmarauder made 25 other changes. more
Yes, he does seem rather well for someone who took their own life.
thelostmarauder created this project! on 10/12/2014. more

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