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Good v. Evil/ ww3

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Black Dragons Leader
My people. Do not listen to this man! He will only lead you to chaos and corruption! I can lead you all to peace and prosperity we can become the one true super power we have been dreaming of! Follow me to victory!
jajakapat edited dialogue in "French Response" on 03/22/2012. jajakapat made 35 other changes. more
Leader of the Golden Eag
With all of the world leaders being assassinated, it leaves the world in a vulnerable position. Now all of the nations need to come Together more than ever. I, the leader of the Golden Eagles promise to protect you and guide you to peace and prosperiety.
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Leader of the golden eag
Yes, It is strange how you yourself were able to survive the ordeal, given the fact that you yourself were put into harms way. We will make sure that doesn't happen again.
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Assassin runs in a kills US Leader.
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That's what we need to find out and fast we're lucky we caught them before anything serious happened.

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